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Electronic Recycling for Business

We offer secure recycling services for old IT equipment and e-waste. Computers, servers, tablets, cell phones, data storage devices — eventually, they lose their usefulness and become waste. Improper disposal of electronic waste can pose a significant privacy and environmental risk to your company. When disposed of properly, your electronic waste can still have value. You can help the planet, keep your data secure and look out for your bottom line.

The recycling of electronic devices is a fast-growing market in the global economy. E-waste such as old computers, copiers, cell phones, tablets and hard drives contains a range of recyclable materials including plastics and precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and cobalt. Under India law, only approved waste handlers may disassemble these devices and recover the materials they contain. Navkar Recycling is a registered provider for the full range of your electronic waste recycling. In our specialized facilities, waste electronic products are shredded and separated into individual commodities for further refining and reuse.


Tailored to the needs of your business, Waste Management offers recycling solutions for unwanted or unused electronics.

Advantages of our electronics recycling program include:


  • Trust: We’re an industry leader with proven experience
  • Dependability: You’ll work with a single management team that’s easy to reach and provides personal service
  • Transparency: Track your eCycling progress in real time and get documentation for your records
  • Efficiency: Expert staff and partnerships around the country means we have the tools to get the job done fast and professionally
  • Convenience: It’s an easy add-on for current Waste Management clients and our online tools make it simple to schedule if you’re not
  • Certification: We’ve been awarded the most respected industry certifications including xxxxxx

Electronics Recycling Services

  • Data Security: Our secure processes remove any data left on your electronics, and we provide extensive documentation to minimize
  • chain-of-custody issues from when we receive the materials to the point where they’re recycled or discarded permanently
  • Product Resale: We research product and material resale options, providing you the opportunity to earn money back from recycling unwanted electronics
  • IT Asset Recycling: IT assets with no resale value must be properly managed. We can turn electronics into materials that can be reused
  • Environmental Compliance: We work to ensure that our processes are in compliance with electronic recycling laws, and for peace of mind,
  • we offer visible tracking of e-waste throughout the process

Industries We Serve

    • Manufacturing and Industrial
    • Commercial Businesses (Retail, Office, Property Management, Venues)
    • Healthcare
    • Restaurant and Grocery
    • Government and Education
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer